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There are few words that can truly do justice to the magic one experiences when blessed by having Leo Zen in their life. As a yoga and dance instructor, his wisdom, knowledge and experience are unsurpassed. To watch him is an inspiration in motion and simply awe-inspiring.

-Kate Moulene - CEO, Capian Enterprises





Leo had a distinguished career as an international ballet artist working with renowned ballet companies such as American Ballet Theatre, English National Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. He has performed all over the world as a Premiere Danseur, Guest Principle Artist, and Gala Etoile in various Dance Festivals, Competitions, and Galas. Inspired by Kripalu, Ananda, Ashtanga, and Hatha styles of yoga, Leo has created his own style of yoga – ZENCIEL. Leo also teaches Pilates, Tai Chi and dance. Beautify your body and mind with Leo.






ZENCIEL is a unique discipline that modifies traditional yoga with two additional elements: the artistic athleticism of ballet and an understanding of "chi", the ancient Chinese concept of internal energy. Zenciel conditions, strengthens and heals the body through a series of exercises which balance the student's internal energy flow. In turn, this restored internal flow keeps the body well. Zenciel promotes the dynamic cycling of energy between the inner and outer body.

Zen is Leo's Chinese birth name, but the word also invokes the inner calm and balance offered by Buddhist meditation.  Ciel is French for sky. To Leo, the sky represents unlimited upward movement. Thus, the goal of Zenciel is to calm and steady the inner spirit and help it grow toward its full potential.

Some of the exercises Leo teaches are so simple and require so little effort, that students may not realize the benefits they are achieving by doing them... but then, as the session continues, they find they are able to accomplish far more complex and demanding routines. Almost always, students finish their lesson with a glowing sense of well-being. A series of lessons will have a striking, enduring benefit. Leo offers small group classes, but prefers one-on-one private sessions, which enable him to tailor Zenciel to fit the particular needs of each student. Everyone has different strengths, different weaknesses, and different potential. Everyone moves, absorbs, and develops differently. Because Zenciel is not a fixed and formal traditional style, it has the tools to address all these differences.  



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Ihave been practicing yoga and pilates for the last five years and met Leo two months after having had my fourth child. My body was tired and I needed some inspiration to motivate me to start working out again.  Leo was that inspiration. His grace, flexibility and strength imbued me with the desire to rejuvenate my body and soul. His unique yoga /pilates/ ballet fusion is invigorating and versatile.  Leo tailors each of my sessions to meet my specific needs.  My husband also works out regularly with Leo and enjoys a demanding and challenging yoga flow class tailored to his specific strengths and weaknesses. In short, Leo Zen's studio is an oasis of serenity and positivity that we treasure!
-Nicole Brooks, Psychiatrist, Professional Therapist

Leo Zen Yoga has not only physically reshaped me, but mentally as well. It is an ongoing journey that I never want to end!
-Yu Tsai, Celebrity Photographer

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Leo's for at least six months. He is one of those very rare individuals who is extremely sincere, very sensitive, and has a wonderful way of teaching yoga, adjusting incredibly well to the needs of each individual client. As a very experienced orthopedic surgeon, I strongly endorse him as a yoga expert.
-Dr. Leon Brooks


The time I have spent with Leo Zen has inspired my thinking and enriched my life.  The combination of Leo's talent, expertise, and positively shining spirit make him a joy to know and work with.
-Jacklyn Zeman, Actress

Leo not only stretches your body, he stretches your mind. After training with Leo for just a few months, I found myself able to get to do things I had once thought impossible for me.  He is truly inspirational.
-Susan Smith, Real Estate Attorney/Broker - Hilton & Hyland

The experience of coming to Leo Zen Yoga has been so amazing! It has become a religion for me. 
-Nicholas Lemons, Professioal Model

There are few words that can truly do justice to the magic one experiences when blessed by having Leo Zen in their life. As a yoga and dance instructor, his wisdom, knowledge and experience are unsurpassed. To watch him is an inspiration in motion and simply awe-inspiring. For a non professional athlete to have the rare opportunity to work with someone with his level of accomplishment is simply an extraordinary experience. My life has often been tied to different athletic endeavors, ranging from national level sports competition, to earning a black belt ---and even with thousands of hours of training behind me, each and every session with Leo is one in which I come away with a new and deeper understanding of my body and more importantly how to move further towards reaching my own potential. Professionally, I spent several years as the W. Coast Bureau Chief of InStyle magazine and during this time worked out with several exceptional world class trainers. Leo is without question in that small and rarified group that represents the "Best of the Best".
-Kate Moulene CEO, Capian Enterprises

Leo is one of the best instructors I've ever had, in any field.  In addition to being very knowledgeable and skillful, he is unfailingly patient, cheerful and perhaps most important, supportive.  Over the past three years or so that I have been taking Zenciel yoga from him, my overall strength, stamina and flexibility have increased considerably.  It's almost as though he has managed to reverse the aging process.  My doctor has been able to take me off some of my blood pressure medication and he says this may well be due in part to my doing yoga.  I urge anyone who has any interest in improving their physical condition to try what Leo offers.  Oh, by the way, it's also a lot of fun.
-Tom Fuchs, Writer


What a blessing to have found Leo Zen!! Last year I turned 39. I took a good look at myself and realized there were things in my life that I had wanted to change before reaching 40. Three pregnancies and an unhealthy lifestyle had left me 60 pounds heavier with hardly any energy and unable to effectively deal with the day to day stresses of my life. My journey to a healthier mind, body and soul began by dieting and joining a gym, but I neglected the spiritual aspect and my progress was slow, very slow.  Then a friend brought me to Leo's studio and my life changed.  Leo's amazing blend of Ballet basics, Pilates and Power Yoga techniques gave me the best workout I ever had. His dynamic energy and one-on-one guidance makes exercising actually enjoyable! Leo has thought me to use my breath to stay focused and work through the mental blocks I put before myself. Each session is a physical, mental and emotional workout. I leave the studio calm, at peace and proud of my accomplishments. It has been almost three months and I have already lost 20 pounds and two pant sizes.  I look forward to my sessions with Leo each week-A big THANK YOU to you Leo!
-Grettel Cortes, Valley Village, CA

With Leo, I have transformed my mind, body and soul. I have achieved discipline, strength and success with his kind and encouraging approach. I can't wait for my sessions with Leo, he is a gem!
-Lisa Ross, Actress and Model

I love Leo Zen's ability to tailor each class to my personal needs and incorporate ballet, pilates and yoga so that I never get bored. I am grateful that he has helped to increase my flexibility, strength and balance in just a few months. Leo is a powerful and passionate force of loving energy who exercises the mind, body and soul.
-Dr. Ava Cadell


I used to do yoga with my kids to get them to learn to meditate and stretch their bodies. It was a good time for us to be together. When Leo Zen Yoga opened next to my dental office on Sunset, I went and introduced myself to Leo. He was pleasant, hospitable, and courteous, with a great love for yoga. The atmosphere in his studio is great for yoga. When I wanted to start doing yoga again, I went to Leo and ever since then, he has given us a great passion for yoga...For the past 2 years, he has been a great teacher, great friend, and enthusiastic person. He is very sincere, and cares about how his students learn. He has a variety of yoga styles and he works with different levels of people who are on different levels of yoga ability. He can conduct the class with one person, or even five people, and he always motivates us to do our best. He can challenge you with fast pace  continuous moves, or he can go easy with simple stretching. After his class, I feel refreshed and closer to my son and to Leo. I recommend Leo 100% to anyone who's considering a fun and interesting workout.
-Dr. Bijan Afar With Daniel Afar (Age 14)


Leo is a very professional and wonderful instructor. He is blessed to help you with your mind, body, and soul. He has powerful healing hands and great attitude towards life. I am very fortunate to work with him. I always feel optimistic and energized after my sessions with Leo.
-Christine Ravan, Beverly Hills, CA


Since I started working with Leo I feel much stronger, healthier and happier physically and also mentally."
-Samia Arslane, Editor in Chief, Genlux Magazine

Leo has brought such beautiful energy, discipline, expertise, care, and love into my life. He is simply marvelous! No doubt, he is the best yoga instructor in the world!
-Daisy Fuentes, Super Model, Actress, TV Hostess


I've been working with Leo Zen for over a year and it's been inspirational. As a physician, I work long and exhausting hours and Leo has helped me with both meditation skills and balance exercises. Also, as a triathlete his work on my core, flexibility and strength has improved my race performance and decreased my injuries, thus adding another dimension to my cross training. Overall, I have tremendously enjoyed my sessions and will continue to strive in improving my mental and physical well-being with Leo Zen.
-Dr. Roy Silver


Leo is an absolutely amazing teacher. His warmth and enthusiasm are completely infectious and his technical ability is a joy to behold. I felt that he encouraged me to deepen my practice and develop strength and balance in particular that I did not think were possible! I travel the world for my work and have taken thousands of yoga classes, but I always take one on one classes with Leo whenever I am in LA, and he is one of the best and nicest in the world!
-Victoria Mary Clarke, Writer, Journalist, Angel Channeler, Yoga Teacher

Leo was first introduced to me as a yoga teacher, but when I found out he was a former principal dancer of many world renowned ballet companies, including American Ballet Theater, I was even more honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to train with him. I used to dance in my youth and loved my body way back then. I've always tried to get that body back with traditional weight training, yoga, Pilates, and some psuedo-ballet barre classes, but nothing worked until I met Leo. Leo knew exactly what I meant when I told him what my dance-body goals were. With his special yoga/pilates technique combined with some REAL ballet exercises, I was able to get results and have fun doing it. On top of it all, Leo is super sweet, but tough when he needs to be.
-Emily Lau, CEO, The Little Bra Company


I was referred to Leo by my doctor because I had injured my back playing tennis and was not a candidate for surgery.  I had undergone every other option (injections, acupuncture, physical therapy) and got no relief.  I came to Leo discouraged and hopeless.  He was patient and kind to me and together we went to work on healing my pain.  I always hated exercise and never much liked yoga.  But with Leo, he always made it fun and I noticed I looked forward to each session.  I got better and better at these exercises and he was so encouraging.  He gave me hope when I had none.  But more than that, he knew how far to take me as he specialized in all kinds of injuries.  He was an expert.  I had tried other yoga classes and teachers but it never healed my back.  When I worked with Leo, he knew exactly what to do and how far I should go each time.  I couldn't believe my progress.  Today I am finally pain free and so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Leo.  Now I see him to stay in shape and keep up my spirits.  After a session with Leo, I feel so healthy and strong.  I feel confident I can conquer whatever is in front of me for the day!
-Nancy Lichtenstein, Marriage and Family Therapist



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